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2 thoughts on “Ask Becky a Question”

  1. This question took me a while to decide if I could respond. It is detailed and hard to answer in just so many words. It certainly seems a reading would have been better to have the energy of your presence and to have more of an opportunity for questions and answers in the moment.

    It’s so unfortunate that she has lost her father in such a tragic way and I hope she is sheltered in love and good surroundings. This is the best way to send light her way. With warmth, compassion and joyous enthusiasm.

    Please remember that adults often talk about things without realizing that children may be picking up an interpretation or feelings about something they are discussing. This can be while the child is overhearing an adult on the phone, in the same room or even if the child is seemingly in another room but still within earshot.

    I am not discounting any of your story, but want you instead to be careful of how you might add to her stories in the future. Recently seeing her father but his not speaking is not unusual. He is just coming in visually perhaps in a dream or in her mind in a fleeting vision. Often there is a glimpse and not always a message. Everyone gets things differently and sometimes in varied ways if at all.

    The word “portal” is not one that many children use to describe an entry. However this is a word that we as adults hear often, especially to describe a bridge or spiritual opening. My sense is that she has learned to talk about this from others, not in her own words.

    Give her a warm environment, lots of hugs, a secure bedtime ritual and the knowing that she is safe and all is well, no matter what. This is what she needs. Right now she needs to be a little girl with a very bright future. Everyone has a story, some are so incredibly hard we have a hard time imagining. But with many the growth is amazingly beautiful and their lives are a
    testament to the beauty of Spirit. I know we have all seen this.

    It might also be good to seek out counseling. I’m not familiar with anyone in your area but do have someone who is very wonderful here in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. I don’t know if appointments can be over the phone or with Skype but if you are curious you may email me and I can give you the information.

    For now or the future, I would recommend 2 books.

    Sara and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather by Esther and Jerry Hicks

    Remember the Secret by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross This one is a smaller storybook.

  2. I do remember your call, while not in total, but your spirit and the beautiful area of the country you live in!

    I also do remember that you were “just” pregnant. While I don’t recall your work, I do know that you are very close to the earth in your work and your own growth. In other words you ground others to be here and teach others to understand their journey.

    Now here I am, putting myself out there with what I feel is a boy. This is the “energy” I feel and we shall see. Yes, energy is subtle and it can also be elusive. The outcome could be a surprise!
    You have been getting “feelings” too, so listen to your intuition and play with it. I also see a “climber” that will keep you on your toes. This is almost a metaphor considering where you live but I have to call it as I see it.

    Your age is not a factor. Children will come in when the time is right for their entry. I do hope you have been aware of all of the astrological happenings lately with the eclipses and now this amazing lunar eclipse tonight. What an inspiring time to have a new life guide us and teach us. We are in this amazing time, a new age, and the children will be teaching us- and are teaching us about acceptance. Use the energy of this full moon to bring completion to your feelings and your expectations.

    You like to keep secrets. Almost like you don’t want to spoil the surprise or say something that you feel others shouldn’t know about you. We all do this to some extent. But I see you blogging. Or perhaps you were- and if not, do read blogs. The good ones are very good and can be so healing. I wish I would have had this option when I was pregnant. I have one that I check in on every so often. You can message me if you would like to know about this particular artist/ mom blogger, or maybe you are already there. They don’t have to be about pregnancy but more about the coming together of the feminine in every aspect!

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